Flip the Switch - Episode 2

It all comes down to accountability


Lacking accountability and transparency of institutions and leaders are a huge problem in a lot of countries around the world. Despite some progress, threats to open societies are increasing and there has been a continued lack of accountability of those in power. The key to battle corruption and abuse of power is to strenghten civic participation, community engagement and innovation in governance.


Listen to Blair Glencorse's story about him flipping the switch after young people in Nepal told him they wished for justice, accountability and less corruption in their country. Resulting in him founding the Accountability Lab to make governance work for people through supporting active citizens, responsible leaders and accountable institutions.

 “I think there are so many inefficient systems, there are so many people doing the wrong things, there is so much unethical behavior and as a society we need to collectively come together to push back. Otherwise, we are never going to be able to create the communities in the world that we want to see.”

Blair Glencorse

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