Flip the Switch - Episode 4

Making a change is not easy


To address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, hunger and others, knowledge and education are the basis for finding solutions to these problems. Quality education is one of the most effective and proven means for sustainable development and social change. And sometimes you learn things that are not taught in school.


Listen to Tawhed Bashar's story about flipping the switch, listening to her heart in times of making decisions and founding a social start up while learning about herself along the way.

“I learned to only listen to my heart and take chances and aim for higher. And to make a change it only needs courage and the will to start that change, the other things come on the way. I also learned that every step of the journey is a learning opportunity, and I should always be mindful of my journey and what I’m learning in it.”

Tawhed Bashar

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