Global Diplomacy Lab

What should diplomacy look like in the future?

The Global Diplomacy Lab is a platform for exploring a new and more inclusive diplomacy which goes beyond traditional politics. Therefore, creative professionals from various fields are needed to explore new tools of communication on the basis of mutual trust and to re-formulate an agenda for collective action.

The nature of diplomacy is evolving. It is no longer the strict purview of national governments and international organisations. The Federal Foreign Office in partnership with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the iac Berlin, the German-American Fulbright Commission and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigate what diplomacy will look like in the future together with outstanding members of their networks from all continents. Until 2020 the Global Leadership Academy and the Stiftung Mercator were also leading partners of this initiative, now still supporting the Global Diplomacy Lab where ever possible.


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Photos: Luciana Marcos

You want to know more about the GDL - its underlying Strategy, Labs, Activities, Members and Partners? Then the five-part publication is just the right read for you!

Through AR elements strewn in across the publication you can gain insights into the GDL's ideas and processes directly from the members. Download the individual modules by clicking on activitiespartnersmemberslabs, and strategy.

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We implement all our programmes in cooperation with our internationally renowned partners with whom we share our passion for dialogue and change and our commitment to high quality standards.

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