Reviving ethical values in Egypt

Amr El-Fass is a professional in training, coaching, and business development with a passion for human rights. He grew up in Egypt where he experienced the Arab Spring in 2011. He took part in the Passion and Politics Lab.

In the light of the pending loss of the Arab Spring’s ideas and ideals in 2012, he co-founded Mohazzaboon, a network aiming at reviving society's ethical thinking. Its mission is 'to promote morals and values in all possible ways to revive the inner sense of right and wrong of all humans'.

In the Passion and Politics Lab, Amr got to know innovative approaches to multi-stakeholder management, and he obtained inspiration and feedback for the concrete implementation of Mohazzaboon’s mission and vision. Thanks to this, Amr and his team were able to develop Mohazzaboon to a virtual community of more than 11 million people. About 100 volunteers continuously work towards making Mohazzaboon’s vision reality. They implement trainings and artistic projects in communities, schools, and universities, their methodologies partly being based on those that Amr experienced in the Passion and Politics Lab.

In 2014, the Egyptian Government invited Mohazzaboon to work as an independent strategic partner in the National Population Council of Egypt. The Mohazzaboon idea has spread to a number of different Arab countries: Mohazzaboon initiatives have been formed in Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, and the Palestinian territories.

"My dream was that we would be able to turn Mohazzaboon into something meaningful for society. Realistically, we have just taken a first step towards influencing the respectfulness and moral consciousness of Egypt’s society as a whole. What we certainly have changed is the moral consciousness of our members and volunteers. And much of this is thanks to how I have learned to speak with others from taking part in the Lab."

Amr El-Fass, HR Specialist

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