Questionnaire for the ECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development


Dear participants,

In 2016, Member States mandated that an Independent Group of Scientists (IGS) should write a quadrennial Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) to strengthen the science-policy interface to advance sustainable development. The first IGS produced a report in 2019, and the current IGS will produce their report in 2023.

The GSDR 2023 will launch at the half-way point of the 2030 Agenda implementation, and the IGS is seeking examples of interventions that accelerate progress on the SDGs, particularly examples of successfully applying the “levers” identified in the GSDR 2019 (governance, economy and finance, science and technology and individual and collective action) as well as the cross-cutting concept of building capacity. Ideally, the examples will involve actors deploying multiple levers in an integrated manner, and will be interventions that could be scaled up or transferred to other contexts or regions.

If you have an example that may be relevant, please answer the following 4 questions. The IGS and its partners may then be in touch to request further information and to invite you to participate in consultation meetings later in the year.



GSDR Questionnaire

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Please answer the following four questions. Feel free to include links to relevant websites and papers if available.