Flip the Switch - Episode 1

Creating safe public spaces for Women


According to the UN 1 in 3 women (736 million) have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence at least once since the age of 15. Women world wide are exposed to sexual harassment and gender-based violence every day, but often incidents remain unreported and therefore create an underrepresentation of the issue in media and lastly in minds.


Listen to Elsa Marie D'Silva's story about her flipping the switch and quitting her job after 20 years in the aviation industry and founding the Red Dot Foundation to create a safe environment for women in India and worldwide.

“Sexual violence is not a women’s issue alone, it’s a societal issue. And each of us – men, women, children – everyone has to do their part in ending violence against women and girls or against anybody for that matter. We have to learn to live peacefully on this earth and we have to question our privilege, our unconscious bias and use our power to empower.”

Elsa Marie D'Silva

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