Flip the Switch - Episode 5

bye to the binary for more inclusivity


People with divers Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) often face violence, exclusion and gender-based discrimination and inequalities as a result of their expression or gender identity. When talking about gender equality non-binary people, trans women, lesbian, bi and queer women (LBTQIA+) , or women with diverse sex characteristics are often left out, assuming all women are cisgender and heterosexual. True gender equality not only means equality between women and men, it means equality across all genders on a non-binary spectrum.


Listen to Kathrin's story of how she has taken the next steps in her professional life to fight for equality and gender diversity and educate people by also acknowledging the conflicts that diversity brings and finding ways to resolve those conflicts with an open mind and heart.

“To just keep going and believing that there is actually equality possible in our society and it’s worth fighting for that equality again and again and again, I would regard as one of my biggest achievements in working in that area.”

Kathrin Tietze

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