Pioneering Mobility

Partnerships for Development-Oriented Vocational Training and Labour Migration (PAM)

The shortage of well-qualified specialists and young talents is growing not only in Germany, but worldwide. In many German development cooperation countries, there is an imbalance between the demand for skilled workers in some sectors and a surplus in others.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development emphasizes that regular vocational training and labor migration can drive sustainable development: It expands qualifications and strengthens the workforce, cultural diversity and investment. By transferring skills, knowledge and financial resources, it helps to improve life in the countries of origin. However, educational degrees and qualifications are not always recognized between countries or the requirements differ. Therefore, the supply and demand of skilled workers are not regulated across national borders. For this reason, it is necessary to organize vocational training and labor migration in supra-regional partnerships in a development-oriented and regular manner.


In combining our proven regional expertise, a high level of specialist knowledge and tried and tested management skills, we bring together knowledge and ideas to pioneer new and sustainable ways for migration. We offer:


- Access to professional networks and contacts for our partners

- Advice and support during the candidate selection process

- Linguistic, technical and transcultural preparation of candidates

- Organizational support for candidates after their arrival in Germany


... and a platform for our partnerships which live from exchange and are therefore effective and sustainable. We create confidential rooms in which the partners meet and approach each other. This enables them to learn from and with one another.

Our Sectors

Our Process

Strong partnerships between Germany and selected partner countries implement models for vocational training and labor migration. They help to qualify skilled workers for the future and enable cross-border mobility.

We combine the recruitment of skilled workers and young talents from abroad with the strengthening of vocational training in the countries of origin. To ensure a long-term win-win for everyone involved, we work with various actors such as companies as well as labor and education ministries, chambers, business associations and educational institutions from Ecuador, Kosovo, Nigeria, Vietnam and Germany.

Together we develop solutions so that a higher number of talents can be better trained. For this purpose, we have selected sectors and branches that correspond to the needs of skilled workers in our respective partner countries and Germany. These are: Construction, Early Education, Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Information Technologies (IT) and Metal Cutting.

In addition, our aim is to expand transnational networks between the partner countries and Germany in order to share experiences and learn together.

Our Vision

We believe that partnerships, based on trust and commitment, can shape the international education and labor markets in such way that they offer mobility for people to work where their skills are needed, based on fair, regular and sustainable migration schemes.

Knowing our target groups, we respond to their needs and help ensure that they reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We shape sustainable change

Dedicated to a holistic approach this involves selecting our focus countries and the respective sectors according to systemic demand. In the partner countries sectors were chosen where there is a surplus of qualified people and these are matched with the sectors in the target country where there is a shortage of skilled workers.

We offer know how

With our proven regional expertise, a high level of specialist knowledge and tried and tested management skills, we combine knowledge and perspectives and thus support our partners.

We co-create solutions

We enable new forms of cooperation in which everyone involved can actively contribute and which leave no one behind. We are aiming for a common goal and develop solutions together, to show how migration can work.

We create dialogue spaces for change

We bring actors together in order to make migration and international mobility fairer and more flexible.
We mediate between our partners in Germany and selected countries so that they can find sustainable solutions for themselves.

We work value based

By supporting regular migration and international mobility we want to contribute to a development-oriented implementation, benefitting the migrants, their countries of origin and the countries of destination alike.

Commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Ecomonic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) we are developing partnership based approaches for safe, regular and orderly training and labor migration between Germany and selected partner countries.

Partners are civil society organizations of training and labor migration as well as private enterprises and government institutions in the selected partner countries Ecuador, Kosovo, Nigeria, Vietnam and Germany.


For more information or to take an active role as part of the partnerships contact us

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Ms Paola Alicia Medina Santana

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Ms Franziska Gehrmann

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