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A global community of change-makers accelerating their initiatives for real change

Humanity is facing major challenges. Economic disruption, climate change, conflicts and large-scale migration are only some of the global issues that loom large. Across the globe, people are faced with a future of uncertainty.

The Sustainable Development Goals re-emphasize how interrelated and inseparable social, environmental and economic issues are. The way we respond to our challenges no longer matches the complexity and dynamics of our most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges. The Global Leadership Academy’s programmes provide spaces for change-makers from different sectors to come together, experience a change of perspectives and a collective search for new approaches and tangible initiatives that create solutions for the world’s most pressing problems.

A uniting challenge for people with great ideas is to get from theory to practice. How can I get my key message across to different audiences? How do I find the right partners? How can I convince potential funders? How do I identify blind spots, motivate people to join my endeavors and release blockages, while cooperating with an inspiring network of peers?

Dates and Locations

“Three days ago, my project was only an idea. Participating in the Impact Lab really helped me to put it all together."

Reham Elgebaly, Egypt



The Global Leadership Academy called for interested members of the GLAC Community from the three Community pillars – GLAC Leadership and Innovation Labs, Global Diplomacy Labs and the Transformation Thinkers Network – who have developed change ideas or initiatives individually or in teams within or outside of the Global Leadership Academy’s Leadership and Innovation Labs.



Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Netherlands, Pakistan, Uganda, UK, USA

The process

Against this background, the Global Leadership Academy and the Impact Hubs are offering an innovative supportive space for change-makers to come together to amplify their most inspiring ideas and take their change initiatives to implementation: the Impact Lab!

The Impact Lab aims at the following objectives:

  • Providing targeted support to take your existing change initiatives to the next level
  • Fostering individual innovation capacities
  • Strengthening the global network of change-makers and innovators of the Global Leadership Academy’s Community members

The Impact Lab will support you in reframing the problem you are trying to tackle, in ideating your idea, creating convincing messages to your target audiences, potential partners and funders, and breaking down the challenges in front of you into small, feasible steps that will take your project to the next level – and make it happen!

Participants will benefit from intense professional accompaniment of experienced innovation facilitators and the support and inspiration that come from the global community of change-makers taking part in the Impact Lab.
Connect with other members of the GLAC Community world- wide who are passionate about innovation and collaboration. Be equipped with comprehensive tools that are essential for taking your idea to the next level, and develop a clear and feasible plan that will help your initiative become reality and create tangible impact.

Every participant or grouping taking part in the Impact Lab will be awarded with professional support by your closest Impact Hub, including targeted on-site coaching and advisory services after the Impact Lab, on crucial fields such as business modelling, strategy and legal advice.

Our Partners

We implement all our programmes in cooperation with our internationally renowned partners with whom we share our passion for dialogue and change and our commitment to high quality standards.

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