Global Academy on Migration and Development

Turning Policies into Action

The Global Academy on Migration and Development (GAMD) is an initiative brought to life by the Migration Laboratory in 2017, which took place in the framework of the Global Forum of Migration and Development (GFMD). The Migration Laboratory aimed to discover new perspectives, ideas and innovation that can help improve the lives of migrants everywhere.

GAMD developed as a strategic partnership to fill the gap in migration and development policy implementation. To turn policy into concrete action, we work with different governments, businesses, international development agencies, NGOs and diaspora organizations.

Today GAMD grew into a global network of experts skilled in training, research and consultancy services from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), national and local governments, the academia and the private sector.

Mai Dizon-Anonuevo

Mai Dizon-Anonuevo

Executive Director, GAMD

Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiative, Philippines

Freesca Syafitri

Freesca Syafitri

Deputy Executive Director, GAMD

Parliament Indonesia

Ndidi Njoku

Ndidi Njoku

Treasurer, GAMD

African Foundation for Development, United Kingdom

Jose Galvez

Jose Galvez

PR and Communication Officer, GAMD

Impresa Ethnica, Italy


Bikash Chowdhury Barua

Bikash Chowdhury Barua

Europe Coordinator, GAMD

BASUG, Netherlands


Efrain Jimenez

Efrain Jimenez

Latin America Coordinator, GAMD

Federacion Zacatecana, Mexico

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading global network of migration and development experts dedicated to capacity building, knowledge exchange and action research, geared towards the development of migrants, their families and communities around the world.

Our Mission

By bringing our diverse skills together, we work to actualize migration policies into concrete action.

Focussing on diaspora engagement, development-oriented and gender-responsive reintregtraion and mainstreaming migration in governance

Our Objectives

To provide a platform for sharing the best practices in implementing migration and development programs of national, regional and local governments, NGOs, academia and private sector.

To showcase best practices in shifting the migration narrative from negative to positive throuph the use of different forms of media.

To empower migration stakeholders in origin and destination countries by building capacities and encouraging initiatives that minimize social and economic ciosts and meaximize development gains.

To conduct research on the benefits and results of migration, as well as the significant contributiobs of migrants and the diaspora to sustainable development.

To provide consultancy services in developing and evaluation migration and development programs in different countries.

How we work

We use dialogue techniques in our training sessions that ensure effective learning of migration stakeholders. Our multi-stakeholder approach to learning and sharing of practices appreciates different perspectives on issues and solutions form governments, civil society, academia and provate sector from national to local levels. We use variuous learning activities that include mentoring mechanisms to guide participants in the implementation of programs. Our research outcomes are utilized to improve implementation of migration and development programs.

"This has helped me in setting the direction of the work that we need to do for the migrants in our office. [...] I learned here that "no one is left behind". We will develop the services of the West Java Migrant Service Center so that no one should be left behind."

M Ade Afriandi, Head of the West Java Manpower Office, Indonesia





Elements of the GAMD training process


  • Action research: mapping of migration and development initiatives and stakeholders.

  • Peer to peer learning: multi-stakeholder dialogue approach.

  • Forging partnerships and areas for collaboration.

  • Training needs assessment.

  • Training of migration stakeholders to replicate or adopt an innovative practice.

  • Monitoring and mentoring.

Recent activities


On 24th and 25th September 2021 GAMD offered a two day online peer to peer event on Implementing Gender Responsive Reintegration in the time of the pandemic. 

"I thought I knew a lot about migration. I realized I still have a lot to learn. I have never participated in such a training and I think it is a very interesting program where I gained a lot of knowledge about migration management."

Jose Alonzo Arellano Cortez, Mayor of Florencia de Benito, Juarez, Mexico

How to get engaged

If you should be interested in our work, you can find more information on the Website of the Global Academy on Migration and Development, follow us on facebook (GAMD Academy) or Twitter (@GAMD_Academy) or contact the Global Academy on Migration and Development via e-mail.


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