Transforming Leadership: Women, Men, Power and Potential

A Leadership and Innovation Lab

It is widely recognised that diversity in leadership, in particular gender diversity, is an imperative for sustainable development that leads to better performance. But change towards diversity in leadership is often political in nature and requires the ability to use information about power and politics with comprehension and creativity in order to negotiate viable solutions.

Therefore, the key question of the Transforming Leadership Lab is: How can we as leaders increase our impact on existing power relations, to achieve greater institutional and social change and reduce inequalities?

Dates and Locations



Participants come from the worlds of policymaking, business, development practice, academia and civil society.



Albania, Argentina, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, United States, Vietnam, Zambia.

Lab Impressions

The Process

The Transforming Leadership Lab provides enabling spaces for real exchange outside of the structural and power-related limitations that mark most institutional and systemic contexts. In order for real change to take place, to alter traditional structures of power and leadership, we need to transform mindsets and (corporate) cultures. We need to move from thinking politically to working differently – highlighting politically astute and interactive solution-focused leadership.

The Lab is designed to assist the participating leaders and change agents to actively co-lead the process of meeting their learning needs.

The Lab aims at the following key objectives:

  • To engage critically with the challenges of transforming power relations and leadership and to build strategic alliances
  • To create the opportunity to advance personal leadership
  • To enable participants to enrich existing projects and develop new change projects in their own institution or country
  • To link lessons learnt of the Lab with the global discourse on gender diversity in leadership

Our Partners

We implement all our programmes in cooperation with our internationally renowned partners with whom we share our passion for dialogue and change and our commitment to high quality standards.

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