Structured as a network organization, the Global Leadership Academy creates dialogue spaces for personal and collective development, for listening and strengthening mutual understanding, building new trustful cooperation to go beyond institutional silos and find solutions for the challenges of the Agenda 2030.  

The aim is to create communities of practice that jointly develop and implement change projects on national, regional and global levels and thereby scale the methodological approach, which is at the core of the Global Leadership Academy with a strong focus on SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals. 

This structure gives the possibility for cross-sectoral action towards change at the institutional and systemic level.  

The team within GIZ is responsible for networking, public relations, design and development of new formats and dialogue processes in cooperation with community members and international partners. 

The community sees itself as a network and think tank whose members work on transformative solutions to the challenges of the Agenda 2030. In total, people from 122 different countries of the global South and North are represented, with professional backgrounds in politics, business, civil society, academia, science and media. They are united by the idea of global cooperation and partnership to develop and implement effective and sustainable solutions for the current challenges of Agenda 2030.