Leaders and change agents from around the world form the regional and thematic communities of the Global Leadership Academy Network. They are experts in their fields and able to make change happen, be it through organisational leverage or convincing power.

Across sectors and continents, our members – former and current participants of our programmes – form a network of vibrant communities of those who aspire change and are willing to collaborate in new ways to achieve necessary transformations.

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Contributing to the global goals

Regional Ambassadors and Core Groups

A network analysis we conducted in 2018 revealed, that opportunities for exchange, networking and collaboration across thematic fields as well as regional or local meetings would be highly valued beyond thematic lab communities.

That’s why we started to design and implement different instruments and tools, enabling self-organized exchange as well as regionally or local meetings relating to the Agenda 2030.
Assuming that collaborative initiatives would differ as regionally prioritized global development topics might do and trying to serve the complex demands, four regional ambassadors were appointed, functioning as key accounts for the four global regions in early 2019.

Our ambassadors convene the GLAC Network on a regional level, contributing effectively and sustainably to change, thereby strengthening the network on the regional as well as on the global level.

Fabrice Muchiga, Africa

Fabrice Muchiga, Africa

Mr Fabrice Muchiga is our regional ambassador for the African region. Fabrice is one of our members who joined the GLAC network via the Global Diplomacy Lab. He coordinates a community of 166 regional members from 28 countries.

Fabrice Muchiga is a systems-change leader and peace leadership facilitator with extensive experience in leadership development, social entrepreneurship and ecosystem building, network weaving and community engagement in Africa and Europe. Fabrice is an acute advocate for peace and human dignity which can be effective when good governance & integrity and human security are at the core of statecraft and state-building.
He is a diplomatic negotiator and mediator, member of The Global Diplomacy Lab and the Training for international Diplomats. Fabrice’s experience is also with ASHOKA Africa, leading the regional Strategy as Regional Venture and Fellowship Manager for the Sahel Region, with the Dakar Office up to September 2020.

Fabrice is currently persuing a Masters of Peace, conflict and Development from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

Mome Saleem, South Asia

Mome Saleem, South Asia

Ms Mome Saleem is the GLAC regional lead for South Asia. Mome is one of our members who successfully participated in the Unveil the Hidden Presence - Trafficking in Women and Children Lab. Mome is also a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab. She takes care of 49 regional members from 6 countries namely: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Academically an Anthropologist and a practicing policy researcher and program manager, Mome Saleem has been working in the development sector -local and international think tanks- for the last 14 years. She is the Founding Executive Director of Institute of Urbanism - a think tank focused on studying urbanization and its impacts on human life and environment. She is also working as a technical and planning specialist (Consultant) for Generation Unlimited program for youth development at UNICEF since November 2019. Previously, she has been associated with (2015-2019) German Green Foundation, Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung (hbs) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom as Program Coordinator. She has been associated with Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) as Senior Research Associate and coordinator from 2009-2015. Her research interest revolves around resource equity, climate change, peace and security and gender issues. She has worked and published on related subjects.

Reham Elgebaly, Europe and MENA

Reham Elgebaly, Europe and MENA

Ms Reham Elgebaly is the GLAC regional ambassador for the Europe and MENA region and takes care of 281 regional members from 50 countries.

Reham is one of our members who successfully participated in the Passion and Politics Lab implemented by the Global Leadership Academy and the Deep Democracy Institute. She was also a participant of the Leading with Artificial Intelligence Lab and is a members of the Global Diplomacy Lab.

Reham is a Policy and Strategy Senior Advisor at the Egyptian Ministry Of Education. She is a Co – Founder and Civic Education Consultant in an NGO located in South Egypt.

Rodolfo Cordova Alcaraz, Americas

Rodolfo Cordova Alcaraz, Americas

Mr Rodolfo Cordova is the GLAC regional ambassador for the North and South American region. Rodolfo is one of our members who successfully participated at the Migration Laboratory and takes care of 148 regional members from 22 countries.

As the vice president of the Impacto Social Metropolitan Group in Mexico Rodolfo has been working passionately for actively promoting and defending the rights of migrants and refugees in the Americas and Europe for the past 13 last years. His work has focused on creating innovative proposals and solutions that can translate into regional and national policies. He has worked for civil society organizations, the International Organization for Migration in five countries, the World Bank, and for academic institutions. He was a member of the International Civil Society Steering Committee for the Global Forum on International Migration and Development for three years, engaging a variety of stakeholders to change the status quo.

In Mexico, he chaired the Civilian Advisory Board of the National Migration Institute for a couple of years, the only civic participation space for migrants, their communities, and people who defend their rights.


166 regional members
from 28 countries

Asia and the Pacific

116 regional members
from 22 countries

Europe and MENA

285 regional members
from 50 countries


148 regional members
from 22 countries


GLAC Community Report

Over the past years, the GLAC has brought together a pool of high-profile actors from all over the world and across different sectors. As of spring 2018, around 600 of such experts and change-makers had participated in either GLAC Labs, Global Diplomacy Labs or the Transformation Thinkers Network, all organized or co-hosted by the Global Leadership Academy.

To support the development of the GLAC Network, beyond thematic and regional communities, we commissioned a study to take a close look at the already exisiting connections among the participants, as well as to get a better sense on how to promote active global collaboration and foster strong engagement.


Read the Executive Summary of the Network Analysis


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