GLAC Europe and MENA

The regional community Europe and Middle East & North Africa of the Global Leadership Academy (GLAC Europe and MENA) consists of GLAC Network members currently residing in Europe and MENA. Its members are characterized by their strong local knowledge, technical grounding and experience in different sectoral fields. They are committed to collaboration across boarders to reach the goals of the Agenda 2030. 





Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yemen

Leadership and core group

Under the leadership of our first ambassador Katharina Miller a strong foundation was laid to form GLAC Europe and MENA as a regional community within the global GLAC Network. During the first year, the main aim was to mobilize participation.

The GLAC ambassador role started out as a solo one that did not have the option of a technical advisory support structure. One key lesson we took forward is that such an ambassadorial role requires collective support and must be set up with a support structure such as a working/advisory/technical group.

To implement the new model, we proposed to establish an executive team, including coordination and thematic roles as follows (scope of roles open for further discussion):

The Regional Lead GLAC Europe and MENA coordinates and represents interests and ideas of the regional community to others, shares relevant information, connects with other regional communities regularly.

Up to five Thematic Coordinator(s) support on relevant thematic questions, topics, events, initiatives, identifying and leading on new thematic opportunities and projects, link to thematic colleagues in the other regions, coordinate regional and/or global thematic communities of practice (in alignment with activities of the other GLAC regions), organize at least one virtual thematic session per year to exchange and learn.

Reham Elgebaly

Reham Elgebaly

Ms Reham Elgebaly is the current Regional Lead for GLAC Europe and MENA and takes care of 285 regional members from 50 countries. Reham is one of our members who successfully participated in the Passion and Politics Lab implemented by the Global Leadership Academy and the Deep Democracy Institute. She was also a participant of the Leading with Artificial Intelligence Lab and is a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab.

Reham is a Policy and Strategy Senior Advisor at the Egyptian Ministry Of Education. She is a Co–Founder and Civic Education Consultant in an NGO located in South Egypt.

Katharina Miller

Katharina Miller

Ms Katharina Miller was the regional ambassador for GLAC Europea and MENA up to 2020. Katharina is one of our members who successfully participated in the Transforming Leadership Lab implemented by the Global Leadership Academy and the Asian Development Bank.

She is a qualified lawyer in Spain and Germany and has been the Spanish coordinator for the European Project “European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality” (EWSDGE), funded by the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union (EU) and co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the German Women Lawyers Association (DJB). In addition, she is a member, and in some cases head of various NGOs, including the European Women Lawyers Associations (EWLA), DJB and ZONTA.

Danijel Pantic

Danijel Pantic

Mr Danijel Pantic is one of our members who successfully participated in the Transforming Leadership Lab implemented by the Global Leadership Academy and the Asian Development Bank. Together with Fabrice Fifonsi (Ghana) he initiated and co-hosts the Community of Practice on Anti-Corruption and Transparency as the Thematic Coordinator for this topic.

Holding a Master’s degree in law, strong commercial acumen, and a profound knowledge of EU procedures, Danijel is currently a Managing Director of European Consulting Group LLC - a leading consultancy company and a Project Director of two EU funded projects in Serbia. He has a vast experience in capacity building of NGOs and CSOs. He was a Secretary General of the European Movement in Serbia, founder and the first Vice President of the Serbian Association of Managers and Transparency International Serbia. 

Vision and mission of GLAC Europe and MENA

Our vision is that as members of the GLAC Europe and MENA community, change agents across Europe and MENA embrace the diverse possibilities to shape politics, business, academia and civil society, take action and achieve change by working on transformative solutions to the challenges of the Agenda 2030.

Building on our identity as members of the Global Leadership Academy Network, our mission is:

  • Leading with a passion to shape sustainable change
  • Sustaining dialogue with action
  • Implementing policies into action
  • Addressing systemic causes of global challenges and leveraging opportunities thereof
  • Bringing together different stakeholder groups
  • Learning from the processes initiated

Strategic plan 2021-2023

Within the timespan of 2021 to 2023 we aim to:

  • connect, support and communicate the activities of individuals and organizations in the GLAC Europe and MENA community with and to a broader audience to help initiate, facilitate and organize systemic change.
  • develop a knowledge and innovation platform to share and exchange ideas and boost collaboration by linking to the other regional GLAC communities, to passionately create innovative solutions to the challenges our world is facing nowadays.
  • collaborate in a non-hierarchical manner, using a network approach and transformative, conscious leadership principles.

In order to avoid additional work and to increase impact, we will try to align the activities along the existing projects and strategies of our community and to engage with already running platforms from partner organizations (e.g. Bosch Alumni Network, BMW-Foundation etc.).

How we work

We believe that change will come through work, commitment and will power to collectively tackle the issues facing the continent, and every action, every voice is of precious value.

That is why after the initial year of working with meeting virtually on a bi-weekly basis up to 2020, we had scheduled a regional face-to-face meeting that was supposed to take place from in April 2020 in Madrid but had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

We started to facilitate thematic discussions of which the Community of Practice on Anti-Corruption and Transparency established itself in 2020, reaching out beyond GLAC members and connecting experts globally.

As GLAC Europe and MENA members we are connected via exclusive groups in social media and provided with an online platform that offers safe spaces for learning, exchange and collaboration built on trust and equality among us.  By connecting and tapping into each other’s strengths and expertise, exchanging experiences and facilitating joint learning, we aim to build bridges, design new strategies and co-create initiatives with impact. 

Furthermore as GLAC Europe and MENA members we frequently participate actively in formats organized by the wider GLAC Network like the GLAC Dialogue Forum.

How to get engaged

If you should be interested in taking an active role, please approach our Regional Lead GLAC Europe and MENA Ms Reham Elgebaly at