GLAC at the EDDs 2019

The European Development Days (EDDs), Europe’s leading forum on development, will take place on 18-19 June in Brussels. The GLAC is happy to participate with a stand at the Global Village promoting dialogue and global networks! Community members and regional ambassadors will provide interested visitors with insights from our dialogue processes. 2019s EDDs focus on “Inequalities: Building a world which leaves no one behind.” Visit our stand No.18 near D7 and get in touch with the GLAC community!

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New Impact Story

Abdul Baqi Popal is the Deputy Minister of Municipalities and in charge of 165 municipalities across Afghanistan. He is introducing new methods to strengthen democracy on various administrative levels. Abdul participated in the Urban Innovation and Leadership Lab.

Listen to Abdul Baqi Popal’s experiences in our Urban Innovation and Leadership Lab.

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Impact Story

"How can we create a basis for inclusive city planning and policy making?" Richard Gevers and Geci Karuri-Sebina, two development activists from South Africa, met at The Urban Innovation and Leadership Lab and joined forces to think up an innovative digital approach.

Listen to Richard Gevers and Geci Karuri-Sebina experiences in our Urban Innovation and Leadership Lab.

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Video – Lab Insights

How can we use our spheres of influence as well as different perspectives on Human Trafficking to develop diverse, innovative and multi-sectoral solutions to effectively address the phenomenon?

That was the core question of our Lab "Unveil the Hidden Presence: Trafficking in Women and Children", which took place in London and Nairobi in 2018.



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Video – Voices and results

How can we act together across sectors so that migration is beneficial for all actors in society?

The Migration Laboratory with the motto “going beyond “us” and “them” is based on the understanding that the collective experience from diverse perspectives is needed in order to comprehensively work towards a migration that benefits all.

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Lab News in 2019

“Quality education is the foundation to creating sustainable development.” Therefore, we are currently working on a new lab based on SDG 4 "Quality Education" to promote a successful implementation of the Agenda 2030. We are looking forward to this upcoming dialogue process.

Be prepared and stay tuned for more!

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The Global Leadership Academy

The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking.

The Global Leadership Academy creates spaces in which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society come together to look at global challenges from a completely different angle.

Who we are

Leadership and Innovation Labs

Based on its years of experience, the Global Leadership Academy has developed an effective approach to enable change on a personal, organisational and systemic level – Leadership and Innovation Labs.

A Leadership and Innovation Lab is a space of dialogical knowledge sharing, connection and innovation dedicated to a particular societal challenge.

In a unique way, this approach addresses the intertwined relationship between leadership development of key change agents and the initiation of systemic change in organizations, networks and our societies.

What we do

Impressions from our labs

"We value the strategic insight and focus on leadership that the Global Leadership Academy brings. We are pleased to be partnering with you in the space of leadership and coalition building for development."


Dr. Ajay Tejasvi, Collaborative Leadership for Development, The World Bank

Our impact

The Global Leadership Academy enables change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our members transfer insights and innovations into their home contexts in manifold ways: Through change projects, new cooperations, innovative leadership and much more.