New Impact Story

Robert Axelsson is a climate change strategist at the County Administrative Board of Västmanland, Sweden. He is also a chairman of the Board of the Western Visayas Integrated Learning Centre at San Joaquin, Iloilo, Philippines to deepen his engagement both for the environmennt and for the life-long learning. He took part in the Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0. Read the continuation of his story.

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Solutions Lab Insights

In November 2019 the Solutions Lab - Scaling for Sustainable Infrastructure kicked off with a meeting in Berlin. Over the course of four days, participants came together to develop answers to the pressing challenge of developing sustainable infrasctructure solutions that are scalable. The result: four workstreams that started to innovate. In February the group met again in Mexico for the second Lab meeting to gather results and go deeper into solutions.

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Impact Story

David Obura is passionate about protecting our oceans: to fight the degradation of the coral reefs, he intensively works and researches at CORDIO East Africa to increase sustainability and long-term preservation of the Western Indian Ocean. His goal is to raise awareness on a global level, increase transparency and help to create a safer planet for the next generations. He took part in the Sustainable Oceans Lab.

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GLAC @ 4IR Conference

We are happy to announce that four community members participated in the European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) 17th Congress on “The fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Ethics - Solving the Challenges of the Agenda 2030” on 21 and 22 November 2019 in Impact Hub Picasso (Madrid). Stay tuned for more information about the event.

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New Ways to Reconcile

The 3rd symposium of the Elisabeth Käsemann (EK) Foundation titled "New Ways of Dealing with Past Conflicts and Past Autocracies Versus Traditional Criminal Prosecution" took place in Argentina from September 30 to October 2. The keynote was given by Daniel Rafecas, a GLAC community member, federal judge and human rights activist who participated in the Nelson Mandela Dialogues.

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Deepening the Dialogue

How do we deal with the past and its significance for shaping societies of the present? This question was at the heart of the dialogue on memory work among 30 participants from 14 countries in Buenos Aires this June. Anna Kaminsky, head of the Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany had taken up the initiative for this dialogue. 

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The Global Leadership Academy

The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking.

The Global Leadership Academy creates spaces in which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society come together to look at global challenges from a completely different angle.

The Logic

Dialogues for change

Based on its years of experience, the Global Leadership Academy has developed an effective approach to enable change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our dialogue spaces enable knowledge sharing, connection and innovation dedicated to a particular societal challenge.

In a unique way, this approach addresses the intertwined relationship between leadership development of key change agents and the initiation of systemic change in organizations, networks and our societies.

The Action


"We value the strategic insight and focus on leadership that the Global Leadership Academy brings. We are pleased to be partnering with you in the space of leadership and coalition building for development."


Dr. Ajay Tejasvi, Collaborative Leadership for Development, The World Bank

Our impact

The Global Leadership Academy enables change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our members transfer insights and innovations into their home contexts in manifold ways: Through change projects, new cooperations, innovative leadership and much more.