Aishatu: AI Lab testimonial

Aishatu Gwadabe participated in the Leading with Artificial Intelligence Lab, a 3-month online journey, from August to November 2020, to take transversal inspiration to a broader scale, by engaging a broad and diverse audience to impact local, regional and global eco-systems. Watch her testimonial and learn why she enjoyed the Lab and what she is passionate about around Artificial Intelligence. 

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GDL Incubator Lab Mexico City

The GDL Lab “Social innovation to address the nexus between migration and development in northern Central America and the south southeast of Mexico" is hosted by Edna Martinez, GDL member and the challenge holder Daniel Gamboa from United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Mexico. Together with Tina Hoth, also UNDP and Myrian Martinez creative designer for this process, the team is truly honored and excited to kick off the Lab online this December.

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AI Lab Booklet

After the final Lab meeting in November 2020 we are happy to share with you now the complete booklet of the Leading with Artificial Intelligence Lab. Read about the participants, the process and most importantly the "AI-deas" such as Destigmatizing Mental Health with AI Gaming Technology or AI for Gender Friendly Cities and many more. "AI is sparking a transformation."

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Solutions Lab Results Booklet

The Solutions Lab on Sustainable Infrastructure held its last meeting in autumn 2020. We are happy to present now the booklet of results of this 10-month multi-stakeholder journey. The booklet is built around a ‘Call to Action’ for a pivot towards a new paradigm in sustainable infrastructure delivery. It documents the process as well as key outputs of the Lab and provides Thematic Briefs by several Lab workstreams, including on "Integrated Upstream Planning”, “Sustainable Infrastructure Project Preparation” and “Gender-Responsive Infrastructure”.

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GDL Incubator Lab Făgăraș

The second Incubator Lab of 2020/21 will take place in Făgăraș, Romania. It adresses the role of (small) communities in diplomacy, security, and the SDGs. The Lab kicked off online, its first phase happening virtually from November 2020 to April 2021. If the public health conditions allow, participants will be meeting in person in Făgăraș in Southern Transylvania on May 17-21, 2021.  The local partner organisation is the Făgăraș Research Institute.

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New Ambassador for GLAC Africa

Allen Asiimwe had pioneered as the first regional Ambassador for GLAC Africa. Her dedication, strength and energy to drive the regional community into action were celebrated by the members this Wednesday. Fabrice Muchiga was introduced as the new ambassador and will be supported by a group of advisors. His vision: Building a community of relevant and servant global leaders who tackle the most pressing global issues from Africa, in Africa and the Globe.

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The Global Leadership Academy

The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking.

The Global Leadership Academy creates spaces in which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society come together to look at global challenges from a completely different angle.

The Logic

Dialogues for change

Based on its years of experience, the Global Leadership Academy has developed an effective approach to enable change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our dialogue spaces enable knowledge sharing, connection and innovation dedicated to a particular societal challenge.

In a unique way, this approach addresses the intertwined relationship between leadership development of key change agents and the initiation of systemic change in organizations, networks and our societies.

The Action


"We value the strategic insight and focus on leadership that the Global Leadership Academy brings. We are pleased to be partnering with you in the space of leadership and coalition building for development."


Dr. Ajay Tejasvi, Collaborative Leadership for Development, The World Bank

Our impact

The Global Leadership Academy enables change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our members transfer insights and innovations into their home contexts in manifold ways: Through change projects, new cooperations, innovative leadership and much more.