Upcoming: Club of Rome Salon on Wellbeing Economy

WELLBEING ECONOMY – How can we recreate our societies and thereby ensure wellbeing and quality of life? The Arts and Nature Social Club is organising an inspiring evening with two members of the GLAC Community, the bestselling author Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel and the former Italian Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Fioramonti. We are happy to be on board as supporting partner. Watch the Salon live on YouTube on Monday, 30 November 2020 – 7 p.m. CET.

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Humans of AI

Read about the stories of our participants in the  Leading with AI: Ignite and build your AI-driven ideas Lab. Pooja Gianchandani shares "The biggest success of the AI Lab, and what distinguished it from other programmes, was access to a unique global community. The organisers gave us space and time to collaborate, and allowed for honest exchanges with our peers." According to Marijana Šarolić Robić “We also share the same concerns and fears. It is important more than ever to continue our conversations in an open area of opinion and experience.”

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GDL Incubator Lab Mumbai

5 October was World Habitat Day - a great occasion to launch the first and one of three GDL Incubator Labs of 2020: Impact of Urban Design on Cities - Intersections and Crossroads. The Lab, now taking place in "virtual Mumbai" starts off with a panel discussion featuring UN Habitat, the National Institute of Urban Affairs, Mumbai Municipal Corporation and BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. Afterwards the 10 selected participants will come together for a meet & greet session.



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Report - Fair Share for Children

The  report of this year's Laureates and Leaders Summit denounces the inequality of the world’s response to COVID19 to date, which has forseen very little for the marginalized children. The report details the potential short- and longterm consequences and ultimately is a call on leaders, governments and International Organisations to allocate at least 20% of relief funds for marginalized children across the world. 

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New Ambassador for GLAC Africa

Allen Asiimwe had pioneered as the first regional Ambassador for GLAC Africa. Her dedication, strength and energy to drive the regional community into action were celebrated by the members this Wednesday. Fabrice Muchiga was introduced as the new ambassador and will be supported by a group of advisors. His vision: Building a community of relevant and servant global leaders who tackle the most pressing global issues from Africa, in Africa and the Globe.

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Impact Story

Hussein Ahmed Wolle is a social entrepreneur and activist with 15 years’ experience. He has participated in the Unveil the Hidden Presence: Trafficking in Women and Children Lab where he started developing a project for the reintegration of victims of human trafficking in his country. His vision: that women and children will be free from the dangers of trafficking in 10 years and live a life of justice and dignity.

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The Global Leadership Academy

The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking.

The Global Leadership Academy creates spaces in which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society come together to look at global challenges from a completely different angle.

The Logic

Dialogues for change

Based on its years of experience, the Global Leadership Academy has developed an effective approach to enable change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our dialogue spaces enable knowledge sharing, connection and innovation dedicated to a particular societal challenge.

In a unique way, this approach addresses the intertwined relationship between leadership development of key change agents and the initiation of systemic change in organizations, networks and our societies.

The Action


"We value the strategic insight and focus on leadership that the Global Leadership Academy brings. We are pleased to be partnering with you in the space of leadership and coalition building for development."


Dr. Ajay Tejasvi, Collaborative Leadership for Development, The World Bank

Our impact

The Global Leadership Academy enables change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our members transfer insights and innovations into their home contexts in manifold ways: Through change projects, new cooperations, innovative leadership and much more.