Input Session: Innovative Anti-Corruption Work in Indonesia

The JAGA platform run by the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Agency (KPK) provides information on local public services. At the same time, it offers a mechanism that allows men and women to report corruption-related grievances directly to the Agency. In collaboration with related ministries and 542 local governments, it has solved nearly 1,000 complaints to this day.

On 17th November 2021 Elisabeth Medina from KPK introduced this innovative tool and inspired a lively discussion.  

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GSDR Dialogue for Sustainability on Food Systems

As follow-up to the Regional Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean on the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) a group of highly motivated professionals working towards Agenda 2030 formed the GSDR Community of Practice (CoP) . As a new format open to the public, they launched the GSDR Dialogues for Sustainability.

On 3rd November 2021 Jennifer Clapp and William G. Moseley widened our understanding of food security to incorporate agency and sustainability, elements not currently captured in the commonly referenced four pillars of availability, access, utilization and stability. 

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Conversation with Women in AI at #womenintechweek21

Organized by Women in Tech Africa with GLAC community members, participants of the Leading with Artificial Intelligence Lab and other #women in #AI  were showcasing and dicussing their work, AI #ethics, AI & Gender #Inclusion and more on 12th October 2021 during #womenintechweek21.

More to come - the Second and Third Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab

The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab was designed as a sequence of national workshops and international platforms for insurance supervisors and other key stakeholders of the inclusive insurance sector. Providing a unique opportunity for participants from Albania, Ghana, Kenia and Mongolia to build leadership capabilities while working together to develop innovative solutions it started in 2017 to 2018 in cooperation with the Access to Insurance Innitiative (a2ii). It then took flight, as a2ii continues with a second and third cohort from 2020 onwards, now reaching out to eight other countries.

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Parliamentarians on the Demographic Transition in Africa

On the 5th August 2021 Nahari Africa, founded by GLAC Network members, and the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) lead a discussion on the role of parliamentarians in fostering youth development against the background of the African Union seeking to harness a demographic dividend.

Speakers were Hon. Tatenda Annastacia Mavetera (Zimbabwe), Hon. Ahmed Shakeel Shabbir (Kenya) and Hon. Jean-Baptiste Kumasamba Olom  (DRC). 


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Second RAC event dedicated to "Rethinking peace and security in Sahel"

Following a keynote address by HE Moussa Mara, Former Prime Minister Of Mali (2014-2015), a lively panel started discussing the situation in Sahel on 13th July 2021 panelists being Ute Kollies, Head of UN OCHA and Emmanuel Tronc, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. On 27th July 2021, further insights by journalist and researcher Paul Melly as well as Hamadou Tidiane Sy, journalist and Ashoka fellow followed.

Rethinking Africa Convening (RAC), aims at mobilizing the African community and African diaspora to exchange on priority cross-cutting issues facing the continent especially emerging threats to peace and stability in African countries.

RAC on peace and security

The Global Leadership Academy

The immense challenges we face globally require a fundamental shift in our thinking.

The Global Leadership Academy creates spaces in which decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, research and civil society come together to look at global challenges from a completely different angle.

The Logic

Dialogues for change

Based on its years of experience, the Global Leadership Academy has developed an effective approach to enable change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our dialogue spaces enable knowledge sharing, connection and innovation dedicated to a particular societal challenge.

In a unique way, this approach addresses the intertwined relationship between leadership development of key change agents and the initiation of systemic change in organizations, networks and our societies.

The Action

Our impact

The Global Leadership Academy enables change on a personal, organisational and systemic level.

Our GLAC Network members transfer insights and innovations into their home contexts in manifold ways: Through change projects, new cooperations, innovative leadership and much more.