GLAC Americas and Caribbean

The regional community of the Americas and the Caribbean of the Global Leadership Academy (GLAC Americas and Caribbean) belongs to the global GLAC Network. Its members are characterized by their strong local knowledge, technical grounding and experience in their region. They are committed to the global goals of the Agenda 2030.





Argentinia, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad Tobago, United States of America, Uruguay

Leadership and governance structure

Under the leadership of our first ambassador Rodolfo Cordova Alcaraz a foundation was laid to form GLAC Americas and the Caribbean as a regional community within the global GLAC Network, mobilizing participation.

Rodolfo Cordova Alcaraz

Rodolfo Cordova Alcaraz

Mr Rodolfo Cordova is the GLAC regional ambassador for the North and South American region, including the Caribbean. Rodolfo is one of our members who successfully participated in the Migration Laboratory and takes care of 148 regional members from 22 countries.

As the vice president of the Impacto Social Metropolitan Group in Mexico Rodolfo has been working passionately for actively promoting and defending the rights of migrants and refugees in the Americas and Europe for the past 13 last years. His work has focused on creating innovative proposals and solutions that can translate into regional and national policies. He has worked for civil society organizations, the International Organization for Migration in five countries, the World Bank, and for academic institutions. He was a member of the International Civil Society Steering Committee for the Global Forum on International Migration and Development for three years, engaging a variety of stakeholders to change the status quo.

In Mexico, he chaired the Civilian Advisory Board of the National Migration Institute for a couple of years, the only civic participation space for migrants, their communities, and people who defend their rights.

Why we created GLAC Americas and the Caribbean

The regional community of GLAC Americas and the Caribbean consists of 140+ members spread across 19 countries situated in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The diverse cultures, time zones as well as distinct and area specific developmental challenges are reflected by the members of this community. These distinctions have also influenced the work of GLAC members who are driven to bring positive change in their respective field of work. Similar yet different is what defines the community hence emphasis will be laid to constitute a flexible and participatory governance structure for the GLAC Americas and the Caribbean community.

How we work

We believe that change will come through work, commitment and will power to collectively tackle the issues facing the continent, and every action, every voice is of precious value.

One of the main areas of action in 2021 was the Community of Practice (CoP) for the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR), focusing on how to use the GSDR framework in national and local contexts to accelerate the implementation of sustainable solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Connected to the Community of Practice the GSDR Dialogues for Sustainability were developed, offering an open hands-on exchange format for practitioners of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development including representatives of governments, adacemia, social society and business.

Members of GLAC Americas and the Caribbean are connected via exclusive social media groups and provided with an online platform that offers safe spaces for learning, exchange and collaboration built on trust and equality among them. 

Furthermore they participate actively in formats organized by the wider GLAC Network like the GLAC Dialogue Forum.

How to get engaged

If you should be interested in taking an active role, please approach us here.