Leading with Artificial Intelligence

Ignite and build your ideas for a sustainable future

How can Artificial Intelligence support us to better prepare for future disruptive changes?

There are ongoing debates on how exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already shaping all spheres of life, including workspaces and competencies needed to be strengthened in future technological societies. These will change the very nature of work as we see more automated technologies assisting, augmenting and in some cases replacing workforces, the skills needed for the future workplace are going to change.

In the time of global disruption, such as the recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, social change is inevitable. We are bound to social distancing, to work remotely, to decide fast according to growing local and global data sets. Future scenario discussions already call for sustainable behavioural change considering this acute crisis but also bearing in mind the complex challenges such as climate change and speeding species extinction, potential resource conflicts, economic systems instabilities, and fast assimilation of digital tools in all spheres of life. Times of disruption also open opportunities for faster comprehensive behavioural change and adaptation that may lead to more sustainable systemic development on a medium and long-term perspective.



To properly address the broad spectrum of effects surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Global Leadership Academy and ITC/ILO seek to ensure a gender balanced group of, tech and non-tech, individuals with a high interest in AI, a broad age range, diverse professional expertise, socio cultural background and geographical origin



Whole World

To address this question, the Global Leadership Academy (GLAC) together with the International Training Center of the International Labour Organization (ITC/ILO) offer an online collaboration platform for learning and co-creation to engage change makers from civil society, private and public sector in a multi-stakeholder dialogue process, a Leadership and Innovation Lab. The Lab experience differentiates from traditional online approaches of MOOCs, online courses and other similar formats.

  • It‘s not a course, yet you will have the opportunity to learn!
  • It‘s not an online meeting, yet you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations!
  • It‘s not a conference panel, yet we would like you to share your testimonial!

We create spaces for global leaders and change agents to learn with and from participants with very diverse experiences, expertise and backgrounds, understanding different needs, limitation and opportunities - to change the perspective and come up with innovative solutions. That means diverse expertise and experience is already in the group of participants and not only brought by trainers. The unique value of the dialogue process is enabling learning for actionable change to be truly taken to scale, reaching a globally diverse audience of leaders. Being equipped with comprehensive tools that are essential for taking your idea to the next level and develop a clear and feasible plan that will help your initiative become reality and create tangible impact.

The Lab aims at the following objectives:

  1. Demystify the public’s perspective on AI
  2. Prepare for a human-centred AI future with the skills to better interact with these technologies
  3. Practical applications to enhance response to global events
  4. Scaling up AI ideas globally through Open AI, Open Data and Open Innovation

Who is participating?

The Lab is a 3-month online journey, from August to November 2020, to take transversal inspiration to a broader scale, by engaging a broad and diverse audience to impact local, regional and global eco-systems.

As a participant of the Lab, you will have the opportunity to share a design challenge, engage with international AI experts, connect with a global community of multi-stakeholder individuals to co-ideate solutions, learn from peers on how to bring human-centred AI ideas to life.

In addition to the online journey, if the current disruption allows it, a selected group of individuals will be able to participate in a deep-dive workshop to develop their ideas even further, by providing prototyping tools, business strategies, and more. The details will be announced in September. Our associated partner stands ready to take up actionable ideas and engage with you through additional training and policy programmes on open AI, open Data and AI innovation.

The Lab is open to all interested change-makers who are fluent in English and available to commit 3 hours per week. To assure the most engaging experience, the number of participants will be limited.

Diversity is a prerequisite to overcome professional silos and to address the broad spectrum of effects surrounding AI, you will meet with people you usually don’t meet at other occasions. Hence, we seek to ensure a balanced and diverse group considering the following criteria:

  • Diversity in professional expertise from the private and public sector, and civil society
  • Socio cultural and geographical diversity
  • Broad age range
  • Balanced gender
  • High interest in the use of AI, digital natives and non-natives


Online participation: free to all participants

What they signed up for

  • 3 months of tailored and interactive virtual sessions
  • Connections to global leaders and change agents
  • Peer-to-peer coaching and mentorship from AI experts
  • Strengthening technical and business capacity
  • Access to AI resources
  • Support to refining your AI related idea

Our Partners

We implement all our programmes in cooperation with our internationally renowned partners with whom we share our passion for dialogue and change and our commitment to high quality standards.

The Convening Partners